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Tang Gallery
32 Main St, Bisbee, AZ


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Gwen Freeman has a loyal cult following and has shown her work nationally.

Gwen paints in acrylics on masonite and canvas. She is best known for her family portraits which are characterized by strong geometrics and borrow a pastiche of references from mythology, the bible and modern culture. Click here to inquire about commissioning your own family portrait

A participant in the first Los Angeles Community of Angels Project, Gwen's Johnny Angel stood in Pershing Square and is featured in A Community of Angels published by Angel City Press.

In connection with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's effort to beautify Los Angeles, Gwen painted a street-side mural in Eagle Rock, for which she received a Community Spirit award.

Gwen's paintings have also appeared in numerous television shows, such as: The O.C.; Frasier; Everybody Loves Raymond; Boston Public; Just Shoot Me; and Titus. Movies include Daddy Day Care; Sweetest Thing; and American Pie II.

Gwen's work has appeared in the following galleries:

Tang Gallery, Bisbee AZ;
Midday Gallery, NJ;
Townsend Gallery, Eagle Rock, CA;
Judy Hornby Gallery, New Preston, CT;
Fidelity Fine Art, Santa Monica, CA;
Art Salon, Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA;
El Pueblo Gallery, Olvera Street, Los Angeles, CA;
825 Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA;
Eagle Rock Community Cultural Center, Eagle Rock, CA; and
Pismo Gallery, Denver, CO

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